One Year Performance 1980-1981 (Time Clock Piece), Tehching Hsieh, 1981.

On April 11, 1980 at 7pm Hsieh began his second one-year performance, Time Clock piece. Again, he set out the conditions of the lifework in advance: “I shall punch a Time Clock in my studio every hour on the hour for one year. I shall immediately leave my Time Clock room, each time after I punch the Time Clock.” Again, the actions were verified by several human and mechanical regimes: prescribed days in which the work would be open to the public; a 16mm movie camera positioned to register Hsieh immediately after the hour had been punched, one frame for each hour, this time operated by Hsieh himself using a shutter release; and at the end, a witness who signed the 366 time cards and checked the paper seals on the Time Clock.

- Barbara Campbell

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